CEO Message

Welcome to the website of Global Vectra Helicorp Limited (GVHL).

GVHL’s mission, in part, is to develop and maintain the best in class helicopter transport solutions – solutions which are safe, efficient, reliable and conducted in a manner that is sustainable with our environment and delivers positive results for our clients, our shareholders and our own staff.

Our Safety Management System underpins a culture where our entire team ensures that safety is embedded into every activity conducted throughout the company and our domestic operations have achieved over 210,000 hours of accident free flying, where well over 3 million passengers have been carried.

Amongst our broad range of helicopter and general aviation services, GVHL specialise in supporting the Oil & Gas industry, particularly for Offshore operations, so whether you are looking for aviation solutions for Oil & Gas activities, aerial survey work, tourism or pilgrimage services, aerial photography and filming, powerline cleaning and maintenance, aircraft maintenance or management services, corporate transport, HEMS or Medivac, or any other related services, you will find it all here at GVHL.

I hope that your visit to this website is worthwhile.  If you do not immediately find what you are looking for, please let us know at and we will provide you with more detailed information.

We look forward to serving you in the future.
AJ Baker
Chief Executive Officer