A helicopter is a truly unique machine, able to solve a multitude of transport and logistical challenges. At GVHL, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you with any requirement. Some of our key services include:

State Governments – Support Services

GVHL has been providing seamless services to various State Governments across India. Heads of various State Governments and other Senior officials of the State are required to travel within their area of jurisdiction and many of these locations do not have regular air connectivity. Helicopters are the perfect solution for all such requirements and we provide a mix of both long-term contract and adhoc services to various State Governments.

Geophysical Survey

GVHL is the pioneer in the conduct of Low Altitude Heliborne Geophysical Survey operations in India using Electromagnetic sensor, Magnetometer and Gamma Ray Spectrometer. Over the last 12 years we have mapped over two hundred and forty thousand -line kilometers and have more than five thousand hours of flying experience for the Atomic Mineral Directorate and the National Geophysical Research Institute.

Power Industry – Powerline Inspection, Construction and Maintenance

The Power Industry sector has recently begun utilisation of helicopters for construction, inspection and maintenance of High Tension (HT) towers and transmission lines. We have a network of overseas companies whom we use from time to time for various construction and maintenance related work of Power Companies in India. We have also acquired additional specialist equipment installed on our helicopters for underslung carriage of Power Line Equipment and for aerial survey / inspection of Power Lines.

Election Flying

GVHL is the first-choice operator for the major political parties in the country for provision of helicopters for VIP movement during election campaigning. We can provide either single or twin-engine helicopters as per the requirements and have over several thousand hours of incident free election flying experience. We are also amongst the very few companies cleared for flying Special Protection Group (SPG) VIPs.

Remote Location Freight Services

Both Government and Non-Government entities regularly utilise our helicopters for movement of essential stores, delicate or high value cargo or for where time is of the essence and no routine freight service is available. If you have a freight need, but no obvious solution, a GVHL helicopter may be just what you are looking for.

Aerial Photography and Filming

Our helicopters are ideal for the conduct of aerial photography and filming and we can tailor the right aircraft for your needs, whether it is for a film, an advertising campaign or any other similar activity.

Corporate or VIP Charter

We understand that in your business, time is money. We can provide customised charter services and can help you to quickly understand if your requirements are able to be achieved, considering all factors such as landing sites, various approvals, timings for flights, most suitable helicopter for your needs, etc. Whatever your enquiry, our team will be able to help you make the right choices and take the right decisions.

Besides the above, our business team can advise on a range of other ways in which a helicopter may be able to provide you with the solution you are seeking.

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